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About us

Our family is made up of Luciano and Anna Maria, with sons Enzo and Davide, as well as grandmother Noemi, the rock all the experience and wisdom of the family is built on.

Our history

Pietro, Anna Maria’s great-grandfather born in 1859, started making wine in the early 1900s,. His son Giuseppe followed in his footsteps, then his grandson Emilio, Anna Maria's father, took over.

Today Davide and his father work together to keep up the fine traditions of the family, while Enzo and his mother look after the hospitality and catering side.


The company name is derived from EL PENDOLA a nickname given by the villagers, back in 800, the great-great grandfather Pietro Franceschetti, expert winegrower in the area. In winter, Pietro used to work with wood to build the "pendole", wedges of special sizes that were used to immobilize the barrels in the cellars and stop them from rolling. The great-grandfather, known as EL PENDOLA for his wedges crafting skills, used to say that with the "pendole" you could fix everything "fora che l'osso del col"(except the nek bone). The nickname has remained alive in time and the family is still known by all as EL PENDOLA.